Medicaid Expansion

It's not even a point of debate that the cost of health insurance is out of control. The phrase "working for the health insurance" has been around for years, and with each one it's more true for more people.

We need the legislature to pass Medicaid Expansion (again) in Kansas.

Medicaid expansion offers the working poor the option to go on Medicaid, and the federal government pays for 90% of the cost of us adding them to our state healthcare program. It's not perfect nor a panacea, it's part of Obamacare, and it's the right thing to do for Kansans. 

In truth, the United States government can't afford this either. But Kansans aren't the ones who put the federal government $33 Trillion in debt, and Kansans who are poor shouldn't have to go without health insurance because Congress can't get its act together.

It's time we joined 40 other states, and support leaders who want to expand Medicaid Expansion.